• How to setup Mautic 5 and Amazon SES

    Learn how to integrate Mautic 5 and Amazon SES to send emails at scale. After almost two years, the team at Mautic has released one of the biggest updates to the marketing automation platform to date. With support for PHP 8.1 and migrating to the Symfony 5 framework, many things need updating as well. One…

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  • Configuring Mautic for sending with Amazon SES

    Hi there, welcome the third part of building your open-source marketing automation stack. In this part, In this article, we will configure our instance for sending emails using Amazon SES (Simple Email Service). However, sending emails is not all we need to set up for proper usage. You must have proper bounce and complaints management…

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  • Mautic installation

    Welcome to part 2 of the Mautic installation series. In the previous part, we were preparing our fresh Ubuntu 18.04 server for hosting open-source marketing automation platform Mautic. In case you missed it, check out the part 1, Configuring Ubuntu 18.04 for Mautic hosting. Downloading Mautic files Now, we are stepping into the installation procedure…

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